Die richtige Ernährung für dein Baby und Kleinkind

​The right diet for your baby and toddler

The topic of nutrition is particularly sensitive for many parents, as babies and toddlers often resist healthy foods. In order to meet and ensure the nutritional and energy needs of your baby and toddler, a balanced and varied diet is extremely important. Give your baby and toddler the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat. In addition to the health aspect, a varied diet supports the introduction of flavors.

Wo kommen die Tragetücher her?

The origin of the Baby Wrap

Slings have been around for many thousands of years.Before the first stroller was invented in the 16th century, children were carried by their parents in cloths, sacks or baskets.Depending on the region and climate different materials are used, in cold regions e.g.Animal skins and in warm regions light cloths or clothes were used for binding.

Babyerstausstattung – was ist am Anfang wichtig?

​Basic equipment for the baby - what's important in the beginning?

Soon the time has come and your little treasure is born. You can not wait to hold him or her in your arms and show the world the little miracle. But what are the most important things you should definitely have after birth? Or what are beautiful things that you can give birth to your girlfriend, brother or acquaintances?

Anhock-Spreizhaltung: Was ist sie und wozu ist sie gut?

​Squat-spread position: What is she and what is she good for?

The squat expansion posture is the posture that a newborn automatically takes when lifted; the legs are squatted, the knees at the navel level, and the thighs slightly splayed apart. If you watch a baby, you will notice how it angles its legs and spreads slightly as soon as you pick it up. Especially when a person known to him comes to him, the baby puts on the legs with the expectation to be taken on the arm.

Vergleich: Gewebtes oder elastisches Tragetuch? Was ist der Unterschied und welches ist besser?

Woven or elastic sling? What is the difference and which is better?

Today there is a wide selection of sling: woven and elastic cloths and even some with spandex. Above all, the right combination of elasticity and stability is important: The cloth should be soft to the touch, but also sufficiently support the baby. Each cloth has its advantages. To help you figure out which cloth is right for you, we've summarized the differences and features of the different types of slings. 😇

Wie lange kann ich mein Baby/Kind tragen?

How long can I carry my baby?

In almost every wearing advice this question is asked: How long can I carry my baby? Sometimes parents say how long they can carry their baby during the day, sometimes they are interested in what age they can carry their baby or toddler.

The first question: You can carry your baby as long as it is comfortable as long as you both find it good. If mom or dad and baby are satisfied, you can wear as long as you want, there is no time limit. ⏰😇

Stillen im Tragetuch

Breastfeeding in a baby wrap or sling

As soon as your baby is in the baby wrap or sling, it smells your scent and gets hungry. This is wonderful - because wearing and cuddling, in general the close skin contact with the little darling, promotes the formation of the happiness hormone oxytocin and thus the milk production. Your baby wants to eat, but there is no parc bench in sight or the big sibling has to be picked up from kindergarden? No problem if you practice breastfeeding in the baby wrap or sling.

Vergleich: Kinderwagen vs. Tragetuch !?

​Baby Stroller vs. Baby Sling !?

You have always asked yourself if a sling or baby carriage is more useful in the first year of your child's life? Here are a few arguments for the stroller and for the sling. Of course, what "wins" depends on your own preference and the preference of your child.❤

Dein Alltag mit Kind lässt sich leichter bewältigen 👩‍💻

Your everyday life with a child can be handled more easily

You are a fresh mother and want to spend as much time as possible with your little sweetheart, without the daily routine falling by the wayside? Even if you think that is not possible, it is very easy with the help of a baby carrier.

You grab your child, put it on your stomach or on your back and off you go. Your baby will feel safe and secure and will certainly enjoy being with whatever mom or daddy is doing. Also you can be very close to your baby, feel his needs and whims. But the best part is that you can continue to master and complete all tasks in everyday life.

Geschenkideen für Schwangere

Gift ideas for pregnant women

Someone from your family or friends is expecting a baby? Congratulations to the parents-to-be, and above all to the mother-to-be - and get your mind off what you want to give birth to. After all, a child is not given every day, so it should be a special gift for the pregnant woman.

Here are some gift ideas for expectant mothers. Whether baby clothes, accessories or small relaxation aids for the upcoming birth.

Mutter mit Kind im Garten

How do I carry my baby in the summer with a baby wrap?

The temperatures are rising and you do not really know how and if you should continue to carry your baby? Of course, if you pay attention to a few points, you can still carry your baby in the summer. Your baby's skin is only three to five times thinner than an adult's and must therefore be well protected.

Am besten bleibst du mit deinem Baby im Schatten, ganz besonders wichtig ist der Rat in der prallen Mittagssonne zwischen 11 und 15 Uhr.

Tragen stärkt die Bindung und Liebe von Anfang an

Wearing strengthens the bond and love from the beginning

Proximity while wearing promotes the basic trust and bond between parent and child. Midwives and doctors advise newly-baked parents to carry their children close to their bodies so they can feel the physical closeness at all times. The bond between parent and child is thus stable from the beginning.

All parents want the best possible and close relationship with their child. Even babies are born with the expectation that there are people who take care of them and satisfy the baby's needs.