Instructions for the Ring Sling

Place the ring on one shoulder so that the carrier runs diagonally across your back, then bring the other end to the front.

Gather the carrier, bit by bit, to create a “rope”.

From below, pull the rope through both rings.

Separate the rings and, from above, lead the rope through the top and the bottom ring.

Position the rings so that they lie on your shoulder.

Slowly move the baby from your free shoulder into the pouch. Hold on to your baby tightly while doing so.

Place your baby deep into the pouch and then pull the material between its legs, up to the back of its knees.

Pull the upper edge of the carrier’s material over your baby’s back.

Make sure that your baby is sitting in the "froggy" position. That means that its behind should be somewhat lower and the legs should be bent.

Tighten the carrier by the rope and pull it tight.

Cradle hold version

First, hold the carrier by its upper edge.

Now, with your other hand, grab the lower edge of the carrier and bring it upwards.

Now the carrier is in a cradle hold.